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Technical Help Queries

Below is a list of common parts with essential information that is required to enable the Technical Help team to successfully identify the part(s) you require. The most important information that we require for all queries is:

“Who’s Lift“? (Manufacturer).


All the pictures shown in the guide are of OTIS components but some questions will apply to all other manufacturers’ components.


Any request for brakes or components:
Arms, Linings, coils, Release Tools

Essential Information Required

The Machine Type.
The Vintage tag details from the Brake & Machine.
(Gen2 Brakes): Duty load of the lift (KG).
Machine vintage tag number. Example 06/AAA20220????


Buffers (PIT)

Any request for car or counterweight Pit buffers

Essential Information Required

The outside diameter & Height sizes.
Reference number from any stamps upon the buffer.
Colour of Tag


Buttons (Push)

All requests for push buttons

Essential Information Required

Lift manufacturer.
L.E.D Style & Colour i.e. Halo, Spot

Finish i.e. Chrome, Brushed or Brass
Vandal Resistant
Contact style i.e. 4pin Plug, Terminal Blocks, Hardwired



Any request for chicklets or button surrounds.

Essential Information Required

Description of the shape of chicklet and Button.
Milky insert
Position of the Button, Braille & Legend
Finish i.e. Chrome, Brushed or Brass
Vandal Resistant


Detector Edges

All requests for

Essential Information Required

Manufacturer name & type i.e. Lambda 2, 3, LC, Memco’s, Formula System
Mount location of the edges.
Style. Slimline 2D, 3D
Reference Numbers from the Edges or Control Unit on top of the lift car.


Door Entrance Components

Any requests for Entrance Components:
Aircords, Rollers, Pulleys, Buffers, Top Track, Sills, Guide Shoes, Door Panels, Hangers, Skates

Essential Information Required

Header Number Example Car Header: 19/F..24460Y
Landing Header 25/F..23100D
Centre or Side opening doors
Opening Size (Clearance width between the doors when open)
NB: (ROLLERS) if unable to provide a header number see Rollers Misc.


Door Operators

Any requests Door Operators & Components:
Belts, Arms, Cogs, Limit Switches, Motors

Essential Information Required

Door Operator type i.e. 9550CC, 9550T, DO2000, 6970
The Vintage Tag details. Example 23/A9950CC
Voltage & RPM.s (for complete operators & motors) 9550CC FC09550T


Drive Units

Any requests for complete Drive units

Essential Information Required

Drive Type i.e. OVF10, 20, Delta VF
Voltage & Kilowatt rating
Type of controller i.e. MCS220, Elevonic, MS300


Encoders / Taco’s / Couplings

All requests for any type of Encoders/Taco’s/Couplings i.e. Machine, Door Operator

Essential Information Required

Manufacturers Name.
Spec details.
Machine Type
Vintage tag details from the component which the Encoder/Taco is fitted to.



All requests for fuses.

Essential Information Required

Manufacturers Name
Style i.e. Glass, Cartridge, Bottle,
Ampage & Voltage
Outside Diameter & Length (As per picture provided)


Governors & Tension Devices

All requests for Governors & Components:

Essential Information Required

Vintage tag details from the Governor
Normal & Tripping Speed (For complete Governor Replacement)
Tension Devices & Components – Vintage Tag Details


Guide Shoes / Gibs / Inserts

For any Guide Shoes, Gibs, Inserts

Essential Information Required

Vintage tag stamp or casting reference from the shoe.
Single “U”shaped channel or 3 piece set Insert
Sizes of the insert Length, Width, Blade size ESSENTIAL


Keys / Keyswitches / Release Keys


Essential Information Required

Manufacturers name & Reference Number from the key


Essential Information Required

Manufacturers name or type i.e. Kaba, SH, RONIS, DOM
Spring Loaded, Arrested, Removable
Function i.e. Independent Service, Door Partition
Finish i.e. Chrome, Brushed or Brass

Release Keys

Essential Information Required

Shape & Type i.e. Euro (Triangle), Half Moon, “V”, Drop Release
Length (Size)
Lift Manufacturer



All lock & component requests: Rollers, Beaks, Contacts, Complete

Essential Information Required

Lock Type
Vintage tag number. Example 27/FAA23400L
Header Number - (see Door Entrances)
Left or Right hand (When facing the lock, the beak points to which direction?)


Any requests for Machines & components. Seals, Bearings, Gaskets, Motors

All requests for

Essential Information Required

The Machine Type
Vintage Tag Details. Example :06/AAA20220AK14


Position Indicators

Any requests for Car or Landing position indicators & Components.
I.e. Bulbs, Load Plates, Displays, Housings, Brackets

Essential Information Required

Type i.e. LCD, DOT Matrix, Segmented
Reference number from the edges of PCB inside.
Any Vintage tag details


Printed Circuit Boards & Software


Essential Information Required

Reference numbers from the board edges. Example GAA26800BA20
Type i.e. MCB, LCB, TCBC, Remote Station
The location of the PCB and its function

Software (Eproms / EEproms)

Essential Information Required

The Type or reference number from the PCB the software is for

NB: Reference Numbers marked with 610 are not necessarily the correct number use the example.


Push Plates (Landing)

All queries for landing Push Plates.

Essential Information Required

Full description as follows:
Shape & Quantity of the button used
Shape of the plate
Any direction arrows
Raised or Flush mounted
Vandal Resistant
Vintage tag details from inside housing


Relays & Contactors

All requests for Relays, Contactors, Timers, Circuit Breakers, Auxiliaries

Essential Information Required

Manufacturers Name & Reference No
Voltage AC / DC
Contact Configuration i.e. Normally Open, Normally Closed
Timing Range, Delay On or Off, Voltage
Circuit Breakers
Quantity of Phases/Poles
Ampage Range & Voltage


Rollers (Miscellaneous)

For any Rollers of any type including non-Otis.

Essential Information Required

Roller Type i.e. Hanger/Suspension, Kicking, Car Guide, Lock
Full Dimensions:
Outside Diameter
Bearing or Bore outside diameter
Flat Track, Tyre Insert


Valve Blocks & Components

All requests for Valve Blocks & Components: i.e. Spools, Seals, Valves , Coils, Motors , Pumps

Essential Information Required

Manufacturers name i.e. Blain, GMV, HEIC, CEAM Vintage Tag Details Example 06/9753AG
Valves - Flow Rate & Voltage
Motors – Voltage, Kilowatt, Dimensions
Pumps – Flow Rate, Dimensions